Changing the lives of children with autism

Autism therapy B.C.

Yes, there are autism treatments that can help your child!

With appropriate treatment and education, many children with autism can improve their ability to learn, communicate and interact with their peers and family members. The earlier you start intervention, the less autism-related challenges your child will face.

Which treatment is the best and most effective? In most cases, for the best results a combination of treatments is recommended.

Many kids with autism can benefit from different therapeutic intervention.

List of the most common therapies used:

  1. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  2. DIR/Floortime
  3. Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)
  4. Speech Therapy
  5. Gluten–Free diet
  6. Picture exchange communication system (PECS)
  7. Play Therapy
  8. Natural Peptide Clathration Therapy

Do therapies work?

The effectiveness of the autism therapies is controversial and although some are promising, more research is needed.. Half of the reports show some type of effectiveness with one particular therapy, and half show no benefits of that treatment at all.

Some researchers suggest that Gluten-free diet therapy would be more useful than Natural Peptide Clathration Therapy. The result of therapies that the children are better able to learn, play and interact with other people.

From our own experience I can confirm that Gluten-free, Play Therapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis therapies work. We started to see changes in Michael’s behaviour after few months after implementation Gluten-free diet.

* All information provided on our website is for general information only and is not to be used as reflecting the knowledge or opinions of Above Autism, or as providing medical advice. All treatment decisions should be made by you, after consultation with a licensed physician.

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