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If your child is diagnosed with autism, you might not know where to turn. There are many theories and very few answers. The good news is that autism research is a hot topic right now, and we are getting closer to a solution. Find out more.

Autism in B.C.: a political hotbed

With 1 in 150 children in B.C. being diagnosed with autism, we are gathering the numbers and tenacity needed to makes changes at a national level. There are effective treatments, but Canada needs a universal strategy for autism, including scientifically-proven autism treatments, increased training, public awareness and the creation of new jobs.

Exciting treatments like Applied Behavioural Analysis continue to develop and can drastically change how autistic children interact with their environment. To make these treatments accessible to parents, we need to fight to make them part of the Canada Health Care Act.

Autism support is now widespread: In April 2009, an autism bill (Bill C-360) was introduced in the House of Commons by NDP MP Glenn Thibeault. If this bill passes, autism will finally be included in our national health care plan. Parents will have access to fair and validated treatments regardless of location or income level!

Until then, Above Autism is planting the seeds by hosting various events throughout the Vancouver-area.
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